Hobby & Small Lot Buyers

Are you an Artist, hobbyist, have a school project, amateur radio fan or just an enthusiast looking for a small amount of copper or aluminium wire.

We understand that hobbyists have difficult finding copper and aluminium wire at the local hardware store, and although we are a wholesale manufacturer, we are pleased to offer a variety of stocked items in small lots available through our web page or buy directly with the factory at Auburn. See Hobby & Craft Sales page or click on Order Online.

About BaDGer Wire

Badger Wire is a wholly Australian owned and operated manufacturer of bare Aluminium, Aluminium alloy, Copper and Brass engineering wire.

Originally established in the 1940's by the Badger family, the name Badger wire is industry recognised as Australia's largest and premier supplier of Aluminium, Aluminium alloy, Copper and Copper alloy specialty engineering wires for OEM manufacturers and end users.

With our plant located in Sydney suburb of Auburn, today our team continues to supply custom engineered wire to both local and international Wire standards developed from 75 years of experience within the non ferrous wire industry.


Our wire is made from the highest purity LME 'A' electrical grade feed rod and our finish is bare single strand wire made to Australian and ASTM standards.

Although our bare wire is electrical grade and used in many electrical applications, we are not a cable manufacturer and do not manufacture stranded or insulated cable products.

Our speciality is NON ferrous wire and as such we DO NOT make STAINLESS, GALVANISED or any STEEL wire products.

Variety of Uses

Our wire is used in a variety of industries including;

  • Feed wire for Cold heading and repetition engineers E.g. fasteners
  • 'Escomatic' cold forming and hardware industries
  • Armour wire, E.g. cable armouring, hose sheathing
  • Electroplating and decorative coatings industry
  • Tie and binding wires in high conductivity applications E.g. HV distribution
  • Earthing and grounding applications
  • Metal spraying and welding consumables
  • Radio transmission industry
  • Food grade binding and veterinary applications

Our Capability

As a wholesale manufacturer all wire is made to order to suit end users requirements.

However, we do carry a number of stock sizes in annealed wire as a service to industries who require rapid lead time. These wire stock sizes are also available to hobby sales small lot buyers who may have difficult sourcing wire elsewhere.

Badger Wire has the capability to manufacture wire to specialised customers needs on gauge, run sizes and mechanical properties.

Wire gauges-

Supported by an extensive wire die library of over 1000 drawing dies covering AWG, SWG in both imperial and metric sizes our capability ranges from 0.25 – 9 mm. We can also offer a range of specialty SQUARE wire die sizes.

Engineered mechanical properties/ Temper-

Our technical capability means we can custom engineer wire to specific mechanical properties. Although basic tempers include Soft annealed through and hard drawn we have capability to engineer specific custom properties in tensile strength and elongation. Recent innovations include the development of Double annealed and Ultra soft copper through to Solution Treated aluminium alloys.

Custom lots and packaging-

Using a variety of multi-stage draw benches and wet wire drawing operations, coupled with custom take-ups we are able to set up and run custom production runs in lot size, coils and bobbins including bobbins suited to the customers own payoff equipment.

Winding shop/ Rewinding services-

Our winding shop is configured to custom rewind and package wire to customer specific packaging spooling, coiling or winding. We also offer rewinding of customers wire to their bobbins.

Technical Capability-

Our wire is manufactured to both Australian and International standards and our operation is supported by modern laboratory and mechanical testing facilities.

Product Innovation

We continue to respond to market demands and customers needs through ongoing product development. Recent innovations have included;

  • Aluminium alloy grades both 5 series and 6 series that are heat treatable to provide mechanical properties suitable for speciality cold headers and engineering users.
  • Double annealed 'Super soft' and our Ultra high elongation copper wire coils specific to the electroplating industry.