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Australian Made

Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Engineering wire. Speciality lot sizes and quantities.

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From kg to tonnes, metres to kms.

Tell us the packaging
Supplied in coils or on custom spools and drums. Can be wound onto customer's own spool or ask for Badgers own Block or 'Hank' coil.

Tell us the temper
Tempers range from soft through ¼, ½ to fully hard drawn. Even spring hard upon request.

Ask about our double annealed 'super soft' copper coils designed specifically for the electroplaters.

Variety of usage

Coloured Aluminium Craft Wire |
Bonzai Wire. Craft, Jewelry and hobby applications


Craft Jewelry and hobby applications

Do you want to buy a small quantity of wire from us?

Ideal for craft.

Ask about our brown bonsai wire in custom length coils.

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