Copper Wire Products - Commercial Lots

Craft & Hobbyist Order Small Lots of Copper

Grade Tempers Size Range Available Stock Sizes
C10100 OFC HO Annealed
¼ hard*
½ hard*
As drawn*
Spring hard.*
0.56 - 3.2mm 0.56, 0.71, 0.91, 1.22, 1.63, 2.03, 2.6, 3.2mm (Annealed)
C11000 ETP   3.2 - 7.9mm 4.1mm, 6.2mm
C10100 OFC Double annealed
>37% elongation
0.71mm, 0.91mm, 1.22mm 0.91, 1.22
12.5kg hank coils only*
C10100/C10200 OFC
C11000/C11040 ETP
Catenary Conductors
Controlled Temp. 5 - 10mm By Inquiry
* Wholesale quantities

Datasheet Copper C10100 C11000

Wire Finish

  • All wire may contain traces of mill oil/ lubrication as a result of the drawing operation.
  • Aluminium wire that has been soft annealed will exhibit a dull finish
  • Copper & Brass wire that has been heat treated to increase the elongation can exhibit some discoloration as a results of the treatment processes.