Hobby & Small Lot Sales - Direct from the Factory

Are you an Artist, hobbyist, have a school project, amateur radio fan or just an enthusiast looking for a small amount of copper or aluminium wire.

Although we sell wholesale we do offer small lots sales direct from the factory:

  • Copper wire
  • Aluminium wire
  • Brass wire
  • Factory 'End of Run' - Specials & seconds
  • Anodised coloured aluminium wire (eg Bonsai wire)
  • Enamel magnet winding wire (Polyesterimide Gr-2 coated)

Our Specials

  • School Project Pack 3 coils of same size
    5m 1.63mm copper
    5m 1.63mm brass
    5m 1.63mm aluminium
    $10 + P&H
  • Keshe Foundation Special
    5kg 1.63mm Annealed Copper
    (High Conductivity)-Spool
    $140 + P&H

How to Buy small lots

Order Small Lots

Postage costs - Due to varying weights and volumes involved with wire, postage costs can only be calculated at time of order.

Conditions of sale for small lot sales

  1. Ordering Small lots of wire
    1. Once your order is submitted our sales staff will review and confirm. Once postage & handling is calculated, a quote will be returned for acceptance.
    2. All our wire is kept in bulk quantity and small lots are made up in our winding shop once payment is CONFIRMED.
    3. Small lots are NOT ready made nor stocked. Allow 1-2 days lead time to make up an order subject to our winding shop availability.
    4. Some stock sizes may be temporarily out of stock at time of order due to sales demand. We will advise lead time for re stocking.
    5. Specials 'End of Runs' are subject to change daily so check with the latest available goods and prices. Remember, that it is 'First in best dressed'.
  2. Visitors to Badger Wire Factory
    1. Badger Wire is NOT a shopfront. We are an industrial premises with heavy machinery operating, and have no facilities for the public. However, we welcome the general public to come to our factory for 'factory door sales' and inspect our wire. However, visits are by Strict appointment only between hours 8am-2.30pm Mon-Thurs. To book a visit Phone 02 9644 2390.
    2. Visitors must wear enclosed footwear.